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Looking for a company to partner with on your lighting solutions?

We can take your napkin sketch and turn it into a fully functional, product-ready, lighting system.

EAVX Rail Lighting Design.png
EAVX Rail Lighting.jpg

From Idea to
Fully Functional Prototype

CAN Lighting Control

We take lighting control to the next level by interfacing directly with your vehicle's CAN network, allowing you to leverage real-time data for intelligent lighting control.

Video is of live vehicle RPM being used to control the lighting system.

At NiFT, we are experts in the art of transforming ideas into reality.

We can bring your vision to life, handling everything from initial design to advanced CAN interfaceable controls.  No matter your needs, we offer a complete solution, transforming your ideas into production-ready lighting systems.

Let us help bring your vision to life!

Why us?

Have a question or project in mind? We're here to help!

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