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Large form 3d printed parts

We can print your parts for half the price of Xometry

Why us?

At NiFT, we are experts in the art of transforming ideas into reality. Our journey began in the demanding world of automotive prototyping, where the need for high-quality parts is paramount. 

Whether you're bringing a concept to life, optimizing a design, or seeking high-quality functional prototypes, NiFT is your trusted partner.

Let us bring your vision to life, one layer at a time.


  • Low volume production

  • Complex geometries

  • MVP parts 

  • Functional testing

  • Jigs & fixtures

  • Components for your product

  • Marketing & sales models

If you need it made, we've got you covered

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Request a Quote

Send us a short description of what your part and it's size.

We'll send you an email where you can share the model with us to be printed.

Get a quote today!

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