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Modular Energy Core

A flexible battery pack designed to adapt seamlessly to any space limitation while meeting your project's unique voltage and current demands.

Contact us today, and let us assist in customizing the perfect battery pack for your project.


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Battery is Completely Configurable and Modular


Designed for seamless integration, each module is engineered to interlink and stack effortlessly, simplifying the assembly of high-voltage battery packs for your custom projects.

Configurable Voltage

Adapt the voltage of our modules to your needs, spanning a flexible range from 3.7V up to 74V, ensuring compatibility with various project demands.

Built-in Cooling Circuit

Each module comes equipped with built-in cooling, allowing effortless integration of cooling loops into your high-voltage pack design.


The Modular Energy Core is built using NMC cells, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


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